GravityView Maps Premium View 1.7.1

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Build powerful geolocation applications

The GravityView Maps Layout allows you to build powerful web apps on top of Google Maps. Create business directories, retail store locators, review-based sites, (like, user-generated content sites and much more!

Lightweight and beautifully designed

Pins on a map can look messy when they’re too close to each other. With marker clusters, your entries will be displayed as a cluster at different zoom levels. Have many entries with the same address? When multiple markers are in the same location, they will be “spiderfied”, or displayed in a web-like pattern around the location.

marker spiraling in Google Maps
A map-based directory powered by GravityView's Maps layout

Easily customizable

You choose what type of map to display: Street, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain. With dozens more configuration options, you can build exactly the map you need. Customize pin icons, show popup boxes that display additional entry details when clicked, and include Google Maps layers for Traffic, Transit and Bicycles.

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