WooCommerce Additional Variation Images 1.7.17

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Allows inserting multiple images per variation to let your store customers to see different sets of images when WooCommerce product variations are switched.


Do you want multiple images for WooCommerce product attribute variation to drive sales and conversion? The Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce is an incredible option to pick.

WooCommerce offers an option to insert only one image per product variation. It means there is no option to add more than a single variation image when it is essential to show additional product images to boost sales.

To unlock this limitation, the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin. It allows to upload multiple images for each product variation.

So, with the help of this additional variation images plugin for WooCommerce, it’s possible to show different sets of images to visitors when they switch product variations like Color, Style, and size simultaneously.

If you are looking for a plugin to insert multiple images per variation for WooCommerce variable product, you are in the right place. The plugin is well-documented and optimized to support major WooCommerce themes in the market.


? Display multiple images per product variation.

By default, WooCommerce allows inserting only one photo per product variation. This variation images gallery plugin will enable you to insert various pictures in variable product variations.

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? Adjust Variation Gallery Width For Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

It offers options to adjust the variation images gallery width for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Phones to tailor your variation gallery to all available viewing devices.

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? Move Gallery Thumbnails to Left, Right, and Bottom

WooCommerce initially shows the gallery thumbnail in the bottom position. By installing the WooCommerce Extra Variation Images Gallery plugin, you can move them to the left and right positions.

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? Enable Thumbnail Slider

WooCommerce shows the product gallery thumbnails in the grid style. It will show one after another. We programmed the WooCommerce Variation Multiple Images Gallery plugin to convert the grid into a thumbnail slider.

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? Product Feature Image Auto slider

WooCommerce different images for variations plugin enables auto slider for product feature images. It means customers don’t want to press the arrow to check product photos one by one.

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? Define Product Image Slider Speed

Slider speed helps customers to see the product images quickly. To fulfill this requirement, additional variation images for WooCommerce plugin have the option to increase or decrease the sliding time according to project requirements.

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? Slider or Fade Choose what you need

There are two options combined to present product images smartly. Either you can enable the sliding option or the fading one.

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? Define Thumbnail Item Number & Gaps

Generally, you see the four images in the product thumbnail slider initially. You can set the number from 2 to 8. Besides that, you can define the gap between each thumbnail item.

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? Arrow control for Product Image and Thumbnails Slider

Product feature images and thumbnail sliders come with arrows to navigate the variation images. It is possible to disable arrows for both sliders.

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? Product Featured Image Zoom

Zoom allows the customers to see the images magnifying the details. It boots product conversion. We keep the option enabled, and you can disable it anytime.

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? Popup Icon Display Position For Product Featured Image
To allow users to see the product featured image closely, it has an option to open the product image in a lightbox. So, an icon is enabled on the feature product image to trigger the lightbox. You can move the icon top left corner, top right corner, bottom left corner and bottom right corner.

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? Variation Image Shorting Option

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin comes with a design that saves development time. You can reorder your variation uploaded images according to your need.

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? Preloader Settings For Product Image Gallery

Preloader is an excellent option when it comes to deal loading images. With our Multiple Images Variation For WooCommerce plugin, you can select preloader style or disable the preloader altogether.

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? Hide Featured Image

Sometimes, hiding the featured image from the product image gallery is essential. So, we added the option to hide the featured images for the variation images gallery plugin.

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? Disable Gallery For the Selected Product Type.

WooCommerce comes with four product types. Simple, Variable, Grouped, and External/Affiliate. Additional Variation Image gallery loads the plugin script for all available product types. You can disable the images gallery plugin script for your desired product type.

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? Supports Unlimited WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin has excellent theme compatibility and supports all the major WoCommerce themes in the market.

? Migrate From Other WooCommerce Additional Variation Plugins

Migrating from other Variation Images Gallery Plugin to ours is easy. We have added an option for quick migration.

? Automatic Plugin Updates

The Variation Product Gallery plugin is regularly updated to add new features. We ensure seamless integration with top WordPress plugins and themes. Our developers are ready to fix any issue as soon as they find problems.

? Exclusive Technical Support

Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you haven’t found what you are looking for. We have a team of Support Engineers ready to provide incredible support. You can ask questions in the support forum, open a support ticket, or contact us through our live chat system.



“I have been using this plugin for awhile now and was working exactly how I wanted it.

Then an update came through for my theme and it stopped showing the variation images when changing the selection. I googled for ages and looked everywhere how to fix it.

I then asked support and Hakik very kindly and quickly investigated the issue and gave me some code to add to my website and it is now working again.

Thanks team, you rock!’

Riaan Aggenbag:

‘Really good support from \Tanvirul when I ran into some CSS issues.

Thanks ya’ll.’

Elzette Roelofse:

‘Perfect combination with their Additional Variation Images for WooCommerce plugin.

Great support too!’


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? Add Unlimited Images For Each WooCommerce Product Variation

The free version of this plugin allows showing two extra photos per product variation. However, the advanced version of the WooCommerce Variable Product Gallery plugin adds an option to insert unlimited images for the product variation images gallery.

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? Add Video To WooCommerce Variable Product Gallery

With the Variation Image Gallery plugin, you can woocommerce video in product gallery. So, you can easily upload YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted videos directly into the variable product gallery.

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? Add Video To WooCommerce Simple Product Gallery

Besides the variable product, it’s possible to insert YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted videos in the WooCommerce simple product images gallery.

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? Add Video To WooCommerce Group Product Gallery

If you want to show YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted videos in the grouped products, with multiple images gallery plugin would get an easy option.

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? Add Video To WooCommerce External/Affiliate Product Gallery

External products take users to the sourced website. If you want to engage customers and add a video to the WooCommerce product gallery for external/affiliate products, you are allowed to insert YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted videos easily.

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? Add WooCommerce Featured Video For Variable Product

WooCommerce feature video for variable products will be visible to end-users without changing any variation. If you want to show a video in the WooCommerce feature image area, you can show YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted with ease.

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? Add WooCommerce Featured Video For Simple Product

If you want a WooCommerce featured video for the simple product type, we added control to Additional variation image gallery plugin. It will help you to showcase easily product details with YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted video.

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? Add WooCommerce Product Featured Video For Grouped Product

The grouped product comes grouped with a couple of products. If you need to show extra details for the grouped product, you can easily show details with YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted video.

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? Add WooCommerce Product Featured Video For External/Affiliate Product

The video expresses more words than images. With variation images gallery plugin, you can present more product insights with YouTubeVimeo, and self-hosted video.

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